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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Value adding in the agri sector

Looking forward to the future of business

Zac Sarian on Edna Sanchez dragon frui farm

A classmate was who has a dragon fruit farm was interviewed by a famous chef as he cooked food in her farm using dragon fruit wine.   This classmate discussed what has been taught to her by DA - VALUE ADDING.   Rather than throwing away the fruit when prices descend to the  gutter, she turns the dragon fruit into wine; vinegar and more.

Oftentimew we are are confronted by "awa articles on"rotting vegies:  tomatoes, onions, potatos because of bad transportation and  bad market conditions   Farmers must innovate, think of new things rather than just complaining.   Stocks can be converted into cooked food or preserved meat if there is over production

Value adding