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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Vision of Health or Vision of Heaven to capture sales

Professor on Entrepreneurship

Rizal Philippines
October 9, 2019

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Marketer Joon at FB suggests selling to be drawing a vision of an island of heaven and hell.

Your goal is to bring the person from hell (problem) to that of heaven (bliss better life)

Will it be better to be positive  or start painting the negative. ?
People normally will not respond to a positive ad.   What will interest you more:  having healthy gum or how to remove toot ache?  Definitely it is the second one.  

Find the pain and solve this.  Find the problem and solve this

Creating a captivating ads to grab attention of buyers

Professor on Entrepreneurship

Rizal Philippines
October 9, 2019


1.  Know your PTM (primary target market) and know their buying behavior

2.  What is the offer (product or service)

3.  Hook.  How are you going to bait the prospect from among other population:

     1.  Shocking picture to show to the customer   (say old watermelon)
     2.  Solution to a problem (always a good strategy)
     3.  Power words:

                     Paint words in a copy.    E.g.  Weird product to remove disgusting gunk

                      Paint the picture in their mind preferably with video..

                      Call to action:  click here to register, click here to learn more... sign up now

How do you ramp up business using FB ads

Professor on Entrepreneurship

Rizal Philippines
October 9, 2019

Earlier we said that the new marketing now, and biggest and strongest marketing platform now is FB with 1.8 to 2.0 B a month subscribers.  Its no longer radio, TV, Google or You Tube.  It is FB.  So if I or you have not understood yet marketing via FB, then we become extinct or our business is in danger.  Better learn this now and/or hire FB marketing experts.  Here is the tutorial by Fred Lam.

Learn the FB ad feature;
The 11 objectives of FB ad.
Sample of making an ad....

Will Donald Trump be impeached? Will a socialist govt take over and spell doom for USA

Professor on Entrepreneurship

Rizal Philippines
October 9, 2019

From Florida politics

From Casey Research, The Rise of Soviet America

We are not US experts, nor do we want to intervene is US domestic affairs (as some Senators are wont with regards to De Lima case)  But the move to impeach Trump is gaining grounds and the Socialists are (together with the Democrats) are behind the move.  And their daring moves include:   free health   care for everyone, writing off student loans and more all totally $40 trillion dollars a year, dwarfing the US $21 trillion deficit. And where will US govt these:  from more taxes (of the rich) and sequestering private savings. wealth forcefully and or/unwillingly by printing more money without value (inflation)

And these will change the quality of life as is happening in Venenzuela which is in hyperinflaction and characterized by migration from a nation typefied by scarcity and hardship.  Will this come to US land of the free.  Everywhere, as in USSR Germany has often resulted in hyper inflation and hardship.  The fall out on the Philippines may not be so severe but Phil will be affected due to trade, BPO, and OFW...

But will the politic fracas oust Trump.  No. Experts predict that it is the Fed rates rising that will cause the US stock market to crash and that is worrisome for many bankers.   And economists.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous - in laws of Kings

Professor on Entrepreneurship

Rizal Philippines
October 6, 2019

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When he was still alive (he died about 3 weeks ago), our Chinese business partner told me that one of his in laws was a motel magnate. And he was wondering in what way I was connected with the company. I told him that the motel of his in law was a favorite case.  And I love it the way it distracts straight thinking from the students in case analysis and discussion. Some even mentioned that it was the result of one of the owners veering towards being a devout Christian.  But businessmen will be businessmen no matter what the religious inclination is.  Some are disciples of the Church but when it comes to money, when it comes to business, business is business....  My name pala sticks out in the search engine for Victoria court because of blog posts made on the company/case

  A way to remove tension and formality in the class, and what conclusion do people have about the case.

The case goes like this:  the owner was re positioning the motel as a medium priced hotel and having thematic room.  The conclusion is that the top execs were not successful in the re positioning adventure, but they were successful in changing the  price points of the industry.

The said motel exec owner  died in a helicopter crash near Cuenca (Mt. Maculot) mentioning that he is a billionaire (as a result of this case exercise?)

From CNN 2015 - Motel chain owner dies in helicopter crash

ABS CBN You tube post on the heli crash