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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Many workers are totally unprepared for this post pandemic scenario

Looking forward to the future of business

Nearly a third of UK workforce looking to change jobs post ...

CEOs are ready to cut back their office portfolio post-pandemic ...

Social scientists' agenda for post-coronavirus world | | SETA

We tried to advertise using soc media.  Since many are in need of jobs, and many OFWs are coming home, and many companies are closing shops, we got a deluge of 500+ applications for about 5 openings.   It was a huge jobs answering the applications.

Some observations:

     1.  Many applicants did not understand what the job opening was and kept asking in their
           messages, what the  job was and the qualifications needed?   Not being taught i n colleges

    2.   Many did not have anything in their applications   education and work experience

    3.    Others did not even know what a CV is?

   4.    When asked to explain why they like to apply with our company, and explain how their skills
           match the vacancy, only 1 in 10 would comply with the request. 

What has the educational system done to prepare our students for livelihood?  What is the level of motivation of our workers to improve themselves?